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Borderlands 2:Vladof

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Vladof logo.png

Vladof cares about one thing and one thing only: revolution. Whenever the oppressed need to throw off the chains of their oppressors, they will do so with a Vladof rifle in their hand. Wherever there is injustice, wherever there is fascism, wherever people are being denied their rights, Vladof will be there. Like, literally. They offered to give the Crimson Raider resistance a corporate sponsorship if the group only used Vladof guns. It got kind of awkward. Still, though, Vladof guns are solid — they have the highest fire rates of any manufacturer, which is useful when you want to significantly adjust the bullet-to-oxygen ratio in any given area.

Vladof is one of the confirmed manufacturers for Borderlands 2. Vladof weapons display a distinct Russian theme, and will feature a very high fire rate thanks to their multiple minigun barrels.

Vladof! You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!

Assault Rifles

Vladof assault rifles are at the other end of the spectrum when compared with Bandit-made ones. Vladof focuses on a more precise, fast hail of gunfire, versus the less predictable, more voluminous rain of Bandit-made bullets. It’s possible to get a Vladof AR outfitted with Explosive rounds, so you’ll have the explosive bonus of Torgue gyrojets with the bullet bonus of faster travel time.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Forlorn Rifle 79 81.3 10.0 3.9 32 -- Uncommon $1,657
Swift Shredifier 305 88.9 15.7 2.7 83 -- Legendary $101,805
Hot Hail 263 91.1 9.7 2.7 37 Fire.png Rare $24,678
Rapid Spinigun 300 71.3 13.4 2.7 54 -- Rare $17,868
Skewering Blaster 261 90.1 10.0 3.5 43 Slag.png Very Rare $11,943
Resolute Blaster 51 90.1 9.2 3.7 43 Fire.png Very Rare $283
Severe Rocketeer 182 90.5 5.1 4.5 28 -- Uncommon $3,827


Vladof pistols are repeaters—basically mini machine-guns. They’ll dump out plenty of bullets at a fast clip, making them great at close to mid range. Perhaps the best way these weapons complement you is simply by using pistol ammo—let’s say you love automatic weapons, but you find yourself running dry on your primary SMG and AR. Switch to a Vladof pistol, and you’re right back to laying down a wall of lead using another pool of ammo.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Vengeful TMP 129 86.0 8.7 2.3 24 -- Uncommon $1,866
Grim TMP 80 94.6 8.0 2.4 204 -- Common $863
Burning Veritas 267 91.3 9.0 1.7 35 Fire.png Rare $7,170
Righteous Anarchist 170 90.3 11.4 1.7 48 Shock.png Rare $4,228
Purging Troublemaker 190 87.8 7.3 2.8 24 -- Uncommon $2,120
Resolute Spiker 68 91.5 5.3 2.2 29 Fire.png E-Tech $204
Righteous Infinity 294 89.6 8.0 2.2 1* -- Legendary $36,000
  • Does not expend ammo and never needs to reload.

Rocket Launchers

Vladof launchers are designed with discharges per reload in mind. Proprietary Vladof conservation technology allows Vladof rocket launchers to consume less ammo per shot than other launchers. Individual Vladof rockets may lack the punch of some other launcher brands, but this can be made up for through sheer volume of rockets used over the same period of time.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Moscovite's Hero 2931 78.7 2.0 4.8 5 Explosive.png Very Rare $12,239
Grim RPG 925 70.7 2.2 6.6 4 Explosive.png Common $2,317
Paritisan Mongol 4739 80.2 1.4 4.6 6 Explosive.png Legendary $155,625
Turbulent Topneaa 2318 80.2 3.1 4.6 6 Corrosive.png E-Tech $15,438

Sniper Rifles

Vladof sniper rifles suit the assault sniper best, one who values quantity over quality. Other sniper rifles might hit harder, with bigger damage and better criticals, but Vladof sniper rifles can hit more often, faster.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Gromky Droog 875 94.2 5.7 3.1 2 -- Very Rare $14,349
Britva Lyuda 812 95.8 5.7 3.1 27 Corrosive.png Legendary $98,437
Sladsky Pooshka 253 92.0 3.7 4.2 8 -- Common $2,370

Class Mods

Mod Name Characteristics Skill Boost Rarity Cost
Hoarder +2.0 Team Bullet Regen -- Common $2,670
Lucky Hoarder +1.6 Team Bullet Regen +4 5 Shots or 6 Skill and +3 Filled to the Brim Skill Rare $2,078