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Borderlands 2:Varkid

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Varkids are twittering little insects that gather in enormous swarms, around dens almost too nasty to think about: the above-ground varkid dens are actually the above-ground protrusions of a female varkid reproducing. The actual organism is mostly underground.

Above ground, varkids begin as larva. Given enough time and the right inclination, a Larval Varkid may wrap itself into a pod. Given more time, the varkid will emerge from the pod born anew—a full-health, more-evolved varkid. And so a Larval Varkid pods up and becomes an Adult Varkid. It might even be beautiful, except that it’s varkids.

But being an Adult Varkid is not the end. The adults can pod up, too, becoming Badass Varkids. The Badasses can, in turn, become Super Badasses, and so on. Any given varkid specimen may be more or less motivated to progress down the evolutionary tree; some will do so on their own, willingly and quickly, podding up through several stages of development without unnatural stimulus. Others pod up only under duress, whether when merely under attack, or as a last ditch effort to avoid death. Some varkid specimens won’t pod up, ever, and some will only progress a stage or two, then stop. It’s actually not known where varkid evolution leaves off, so few adventurers, mercenaries, and researchers have lived to tell the tale beyond a certain point…

List of Varkids

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Larval Varkid 0.5 -- 0.5 Chump Tail Fire.png/--
Adult Varkid 3 -- 1.25 Normal+ Tail Fire.png/--
Blood Varkid 2 -- 2 Normal Tail Fire.png/--
Chubby Varkid 6 -- 6 Super Badass Tail Fire.png/--
Mutated Badass Varkid 18 -- 4 Super Badass Tail Fire.png/Corrosive.png
Madame Von Bartlesby 15 -- 4 Super Badass Tail Fire.png/--
Badass Varkid 10 -- 4 Badass Tail Corrosive.png/--
Super Badass Varkid 25 -- 4 Super Badass Tail Fire.png/--
Ultimate Badass Varkid 50 -- 6 Super Badass+ Tail Fire.png/--
Supreme Badass Varkid 100 -- 20 Super Badass Tail Fire.png/--
Vermivorous The Invincible 200
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