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Borderlands 2:Torgue

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Torgue logo.png

Torgue guns are about EXPLOSIONS and MACHISMO and ENGINES and EXPLOSIONS and LOUD NOISES and EXPLOSIONS. You know what sucks? SUBTLETY. You know what’s awesome? NOTSUBTLETY. And also EXPLOSIONS. Every single shot fired from a Torgue gun EXPLODES. Sure, the explosive gyrojets move slower than bullets, and sure, Torgue guns CONSUME AMMO LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW (which for all you know there might not be, because who’s to say that tomorrow hasn’t already EXPLODED), but who gives a sh*t? TORGUE, baby!

Torgue is one of the confirmed manufacturers for Borderlands 2. Some time between the end of Borderlands, and the beginning of Borderlands 2, Torgue decided to deal exclusively in explosive weapons.

This includes guns that fire slower, exploding 'Gyrojet'[1] style bullets, trading firing speed for blasting power.[2]

Assault Rifles

Torgue features a lot of what are essentially automatic mini rocket launchers in their AR line. The gyrojet rockets launch quickly, travel through mid range while picking up speed, then really get going at long range. So you might find a Torgue AR shining at close and long range, but not mid.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Hard Rifle 151 84.2 4.2 3.9 12 Explosive.png Common $1,217
Nasty KerBlaster 1519 89.9 2.3 3.1 29 Explosive.png Legendary $101,805
Stabbing Evil Smasher 148 76.6 2.5 3.8 9 Explosive.png Rare $10,995
Rhythmic Lance 352 91.8 3.4 3.7 15 Explosive.png Rare $7,932
Slippery Spitter 288 86.1 5.8 4.4 32 Explosive.png Rare $8,444
Wild Torpedo 712 72.8 2.2 3.8 24 Explosive.png Rare $3,985


Torgue pistols have something in common with Jakobs revolvers. They’re both semi-auto, and they both have high-damage, hard-hitting projectiles. The difference is that Torgue’s pistols use gyrojet missiles instead of hard calibers, which alters how you must lead enemies to hit them when aiming. Explosive damage beats out other damage types in efficiency depending on the situation—if you’re fighting brittle enemies like crystalisks, then explosive is just better full stop, thanks to the extra concussive damage. And if you’re fighting an unshielded target with either normal ammo or an element that your enemy is actually resistant to (such as unarmored fleshy enemies taking reduced Corrosive damage), then explosive is best.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Hard Hand Cannon 418 91.1 2.0 2.2 9 Explosive.png Rare $5,578
Crammed Slapper 677 89.3 2.0 2.5 26 Explosive.png Very Rare $8,290
Intense Injector 271 86.0 3.2 2.2 10 Explosive.png Uncommon $2,796

Rocket Launchers

If Torgue can be summed up in one weapon type, it’s their rocket launcher. This is your classic launcher. A Torgue launcher fires one big-ass rocket, albeit not very quickly. But that rocket is going to hit hard. Very hard.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
derp Nukem 20093 73.3 0.7 7.3 4 Explosive.png Legendary $158,662
derp Duuurp! 10894 71.0 0.9 7.3 5 Explosive.png Rare $158,662
gaa dunk ga boom 5773 73.3 1.1 7.0 2 Explosive.png Uncommon $7,620
fwap a Blaaa 4740 73.3 1.2 6.4 2 Explosive.png Uncommon $6,923
pokee doke Deee! 2856 61.7 1.2 6.4 2 Explosive.png Common $3,512
Tunguska varies varies varies varies varies Explosive.png Pearlescent varies


What’s more impressive than a shotgun? A shotgun that fires pellets that are missiles. Torque shotguns release a hail of gyrojets rather than a cloud of shot. The acceleration can feel a little wonky at certain ranges, but up close or far away, a solid Torgue shotgun allows you to put high-damage explosive shotgun blasts all over targets.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Double Lovin' Pounder 63 x 9 29.0 0.9 3.2 3 Explosive.png Common $796
Lumpy Bangstick 80 x 5 45.6 1.0 4.2 5 Explosive.png Common $964
Bad Touch Ravager 321 x 16 21.9 0.8 3.2 9 Explosive.png Very Rare $9,155
Juicy Flakker 768 x 3 15.6 0.4 3.9 12 Explosive.png Legendary $78,022
Thick Landscaper 432 x 4 87.8 0.9 3.9 6 Explosive.png Rare $8,947