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Borderlands 2:Thresher

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The thresher is a creature that lives underground. They can range in size from a bit larger then a vehicle to towering monstrosities. They are snake-like in appearance for the main body, but have a mushroom-looking "head" and multiple tendrils branching off from said body. With the multiple tendrils, it is possible for them to attack multiple enemies at once. It would seem they cannot attack underground, but must burrow up to the surface in order to assault a hostile. They can appear in sand dunes and from the water.

Threshers are violent worm-like cylindrical monsters that move by burrowing. While burrowing, they ingest the matter they pass through. They must always be eating, so they’re always burrowing and moving, and they can grow to enormous size—it’s actually not known whether there’s a limit for how big a thresher can get, really.

All thresher varieties move primarily by burrowing, although some of the smaller ones can also, from burrows in the ground, launch themselves through the air in great arcs before landing and burrowing right back down again. Their methods of attack are varied, depending on the species. Apart from the ones small enough to leap in the air, threshers are too large, multifaceted, and cumbersome for Maya to suspend them with Phaselock; instead, they just take sudden damage.

List of Threshers

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Tadpole Thresher 1.5 -- 1 Tough Eyes Fire.png/--
Slagged Thresher 2 -- 1.5 Tough Eyes Fire.png/Slag.png
Feeler Thresher 4 -- 2 Tough+ Eyes Fire.png/--
Wormhole Thresher 8 -- 2 Tough+ Eyes Fire.png/--
Turf Thresher 10 -- 2 Badass Eyes Fire.png/--
Gluttonous Thresher 25 2 3 Ultimate Badass Eyes Fire.png/--
Old Slappy 40 -- 2 Super Badass Eyes Fire.png/--
Badass Pyre Thresher 30 -- 4 Super Badass Eyes --/Fire.png
Terramorphous the Invincible
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