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Borderlands 2:Surveyor

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Surveyors are a class of support probes operated by Hyperion. Their primary purpose is to provide an efficient, mobile solution to maintaining Loaders in the field… Repair Surveyors can digitally mend many types of damage Loaders and can sustain even dire injuries like the loss of limbs. And Shield Surveyors can replenish depleted shields, along with filling the shields of enemies who have shield modules, but almost never show up with them charged up.

You can tell when a surveyor is attending to a Hyperion unit in need—the surveyor hovers over them and you’ll be able to see the faint energy tether through which surveyors repair and replenish. At least surveyors are easy marks to be shot down while they hover, repairing something.

When surveyors lack repair candidates, or if you harass them repeatedly with gunfire, they will swoop in great arcs, not too unlike rakks. Only, instead of divebombing with their bodies like rakks, they rocket in your direction and fire a Shocking bolt that destroys shields, then break off and go back to swooping.

It should be noted that if they're under the effects of a Siren's Thoughtlock skill, Surveyors will have no problem using their technology for your good. Repair Surveyors will restore health, and Shield Surveyors fix up your shields.

List of Surveyors

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Shield Surveyor 0.25 0.5 1 Chump -- Corrosive.png/--
Repair Surveyor 0.5 tvhm: 0.5 1 Chump -- Corrosive.png/--
Badass Shield Surveyor 1 1 0.65 Badass -- Corrosive.png/--
Badass Repair Surveyor 1 1 0.65 Badass -- Corrosive.png/--
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