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Borderlands 2:Stalker

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The new flying (and walking) opponent in Borderlands 2.

Stalkers are compact and lithe, mottled with scales. Their wing-like forelimbs and their tails combine to give them serpentine movement on the ground, with a low profile— these things aren’t tall, so aiming waist-high as against a humanoid will whizz clean over the heads of stalkers.

Any stalker can attack up close with a tail whip, and many also leap or grapple with their forelimbs. Some stalkers have a ranged attack, flinging spines from the tail with surprisingly accurate aim.

But, most interestingly, stalkers have an evolved adaptive mechanism that behaves alarmingly like the cloaking abilities of certain other human enemies, and Zero. It’s worth noting any other cloaker is using extra-body tech—only stalkers have it as a consequence of their biology. While a stalker is cloaked, you can just barely see their location by a faint blue mirage that is a mild giveaway; if you can manage to hit their actual location, you can still damage them, but you cannot use homing abilities to hit them automatically or lock onto them with Maya’s Phaselock.

The Sachs organ found within stalkers enables their cloaking; it also grants them nature’s only biologically-powered shield. A stalker’s ability to cloak is dependent on its shield energy. Deplete their shields and they cannot cloak. Naturally, it follows that shock weapons are the best tools for hunting stalkers. Shock ammo knocks their shields off at least twice as fast as any other weapon type, rendering them much more vulnerable (and far less annoying) faster.

List of Stalkers

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Spring Stalker 1 1 2 Normal Head Shock.png/--
Needle Stalker 1.5 1.5 1 Normal+ Head Shock.png/--
Ambush Stalker 1 1.5 2 Tough Head Shock.png/Fire.png
Cyclone Stalker 2.5 2 1.25 Tough+ Head --/Shock.png
Slagged Stalker 1.7 1.7 1.35 Normal+ Head Shock.png/Slag.png
Rabid Stalker 5 5 1 Baddass Head Shock.png/--
Badass Stalker 4 4 2 Badass Head Shock.png/--
Chubby Stalker 7 7 4 Super Badass Head Shock.png/--
Pimon 7 8 3 Super Badass Head Shock.png/Explosive.png
Sinkhole 3 3 4 Super Badass Head Shock.png/--
Henry 12 10 2 Super Badass Head Shock.png/--
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