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Borderlands 2:Spiderant

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Spiderants are a matriarchal hive species adapted to Pandora’s harsh and various biomes. The dirt mound exits from their hives are a proverbial tip of the iceberg, as spiderant colonies can build vast subterranean cave structures. Being burrowing creatures, spiderants can also emerge from fresh ground, as well as from premade den exits.

Within spiderant society, tasks are accomplished by spiderant species that have adapted to their purpose, so you’ll find many different varieties. They are all distinguished by their odd, near-symmetrical quad-leg array, which allows agile movement in any direction. The hardened front of the forelegs and the rigid helmet on the carapace provide solid protection to spiderants from the front, as their critical-vulnerable area is their squishy abdomen. This area is always protected, therefore, if they are oriented toward their aggressor.

Being hive creatures, spiderants always congregate and attack in groups. The strongest spiderants can call others to their aid.

List of Spiderants

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Spiderling 0.25 -- 0.4 Chump Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spiderant Worker 0.7 -- 0.6 Normal Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spiderant Soldier 0.8 -- 0.6 Normal+ Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spiderant Warrior 1.25 -- 0.6 Normal+ Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spiderant Sentinel 1.5 -- 0.8 Normal+ Abdomen Fire.png/--
Poisonous Spiderant 3 -- 1 Tough Abdomen Fire.png/Corrosive.png
Fire Spiderant 3 -- 1 Tough Abdomen --/Fire.png
Slagged Spiderant 1.25 -- 1 Normal Abdomen Fire.png/Slag.png
Spiderant Knight 8 -- 1.5 Tough Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spiderant King 5 -- 1 Tough+ Abdomen Fire.png/--
Queen Spiderant 5 -- 1.1 Super Badass Abdomen Fire.png/--
Chubby Spiderant 6 -- 3 Super Badass Abdomen Fire.png/--
Spycho 6 -- 1.2 Super Badass Abdomen Fire.png/--
Scorch 10 -- 1 Super Badass Abdomen --/Fire.png
The Black Queen 16 -- 1.25 Ultimate Badass Abdomen Fire.png/--
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