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Borderlands 2:Skag

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Skags are still around, of course. These horny quadrupeds are stout, smoosh-faced and squat, with a low center of gravity. With the exception of Spitter Skags, the various skag species attack by rushing their opposition, so they can claw and bite up close. Skags are smart enough to try to dodge projectiles fired at them as they’re approaching. They are also always arrayed in packs, usually congregating around one of their dens or at a watering hole of some sort; provoking one of them will lead to provoking all of them.

Their hide is thick and spiny, almost like rock, but for most skags it’s not quite like armor, so fire is still the way to go. This thick hide does mostly obscure their weak spot, though. It’s not just the head like most creatures—it’s actually inside their mouths! Shoot for their gaping maws as they bellow, spit, or barf to deal extra damage.

Badass skags are imbued with elemental powers innately, and their high status in the skag hierarchy allows them to pass elemental powers on to their betas. A very manageable fight with a half-dozen skags can very quickly get out of hand if a Badass Fire Skag shows up and sets them all aflame, enhancing the offense of every beast.

List of Skags

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Pup Skag 0.35 -- 0.35 Chump Mouth Fire.png/--
Adult Skag 1 -- 1 Normal Mouth Fire.png/--
Spitter Skag 1.5 -- 1.25 Normal Mouth Fire.png/--
Barf Skag 3 -- 3 Normal+ Mouth Fire.png/--
Alpha Skag 5 -- 5 Tough Mouth Corrosive.png/--
Rabid Skag 8 -- 3 Super Badass Mouth Fire.png/--
Badass Fire Skag 7 -- 9 Badass Mouth --/Fire.png
Badass Shock Skag 9 -- 4 Badass Mouth Fire.png/Shock.png
Badass Corrosive Skag 16 -- 6 Badass Mouth Fire.png/Corrosive.png
Badass Slag Skag 9 -- 3 Badass Mouth Fire.png/Slag.png
Chubby Skag 10 -- 5 Super Badass Mouth Fire.png/--
Tumbaa 9 -- 3 Super Badass Mouth Fire.png/--
Dukino's Mom 70 -- 5 Super Badass Mouth Corrosive.png/--
Boll 13 1 2.5 Super Badass Head Fire.png/--
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