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Borderlands 2:Shield

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Your personal shield module will keep you standing through all sorts of violence that should be mortally threatening. Every manufacturer except Jakobs cranks out their own signature protection, with slight differences in the nuance of the shield’s behavior between brands. Every shield takes incoming damage in place of its user until it is shorted out, at which point, the user starts taking damage to health. If, while getting shot and having your shield whittled away, you can get into cover and get a breather, your shield starts recharging after a few seconds. Shield recharge delay represents how long it takes until your shield starts recharging (the faster, the better), and shield recharge rate represents how quickly you’ll refill shield capacity (the bigger, the better).

Some shields may grant resistance or even immunity to certain elemental damage, but this is not a type of shield. Elemental resistance is a function of a shield having certain Maliwan parts, regardless of its base manufacturer. So, resistance or immunity on a shield will be in addition to one of these other base functions, rather than a trait of a type of shield unto itself.

Shield Type Manufacturer Description
Standard Tediore Normal behavior
Roid Bandit Increases melee damage when depleted.
Turtle Pangolin Sacrifices health to increase shield capacity.
Booster Dahl Shield can deploy booster packs that can be picked up to refill shield.
Absorption Vladof Shield may absorb incoming bullets, adding them to your reserves.
Amplify Hyperion Fully charged shield adds power to the next gunshot.
Adaptive Anshin Shield changes elemental resistance to the last elemental damage taken.
Explosive Spike Torgue Shield damages nearby enemies with explosions.
Explosive Nova Torgue Shield dissipates in an explosion when depleted.
Elemental Spike Maliwan Shield damages nearby enemies with elemental effects.
Elemental Nova Maliwan Shield dissipates in an elemental blast when depleted.

List of Unique and Legendary Shields

Name Image Manufacturer Rarity Characteristics
1340 Shield 1340 Shield.png Vladof Rare Chance to absorb enemy bullets.
Absorbed ammo is added to your Backpack
Possible Immunity to Electrocution
Aequitas Aequitas.png Vladof Rare 10% addition Fight For Your Life time for every Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party.
Chance to absorb enemy bullets.
Absorbed ammo is added to your Backpack.
Order Order.png Bandit Rare When Law is in your hands, any melee damage you deal also heals you.
When depleted, melee attacks deal bonus Roid damage.
Pot O' Gold Pot O Gold.png Bandit Rare Chance to drop money when damaged.
Deadly Bloom Deadly Bloom.png Torgue Very Rare Releases an Explosive Nova blast when shield or health is depleted.
Possible damage reduction from explosive blasts.
Love Thumper Love Thumper.png Very Rare When depleted, melee attacks deal bonus Roid damage.
Extremely long recharge delay.
Flame of the Firehawk Flame of the Firehawk.png Maliwan Legendary Continuous Fire Nova blasts when depleted.
Must fully recharge between Novas.
Possible immunity to Fire damage.
The Transformer The Transformer.png Vladof Legendary Chance to absorb enemy bullets.
Absorbed ammo is added to your Backpack.
Possible immunity to electrocution.
The Bee The Bee.png Hyperion Legendary When fully charged, next weapon shot deals bonus Amp damage.
No shields drain on amp shots.
The Sham The Sham.png Vladof Legendary Extremely high bullet absorption rate.
Fabled Tortoise Fabled Tortoise.png Pangolin Legendary Movement speed reduced while active.
High capacity: reduces max health.
Movement speed increased while depleted.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.png Dahl Legendary Chance to drop an IED Booster when damaged.
IED booster fires three volleys of grenades.
Black Hole Black Hole.png Maliwan Legendary Releases a Shock Nova blast when depleted.
Must fully recharge between Novas.
Singularity Nova!
Neogenator Neogenator.png Anshin Legendary Matches elemental resistance of last damage received.
Regenerates health when active. Damage to shield increases health regen rate.
Increases max health.
Impaler Impaler.png Maliwan Legendary Launches Corrosive homing spikes when damaged with bullets.
Deals Corrosive Spike damage to melee attackers.
Possible immunity to Corrosive damage.