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Red text indicates that a weapon has a unique characteristic to it, unlike other weapons of the same type and manufacturer.

Shields[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
...His hide turned the mightiest tame... Hide of Terramorphous Has the properties of Nova, Spike, and Roid shields, with massive amounts of damage relative to each of these abilities. the grave. The Cradle When shield breaks it throws out the shield in a Tediore style 'reload' which explodes, when the shield recharges it digistructs a new shield.
Chung-gunk! Order When Law is in your hands any melee damage you deal also heals you. Massive Roid damage bonus when depleted.
Float like a butterfly... The Bee When fully charged, next weapon shot deals bonus Amp Damage. Has 0 Amp Shot Drain causing all shots fired with full shields to be amp shots with bonus damage.
From the ashes she will rise Flame of the Firehawk Causes continuous fire novas to emit from you every 2 seconds as long as shield is depleted. This requires the shield be fully recharged in between activations.
If thumping you is wrong, I don't want to be right. Love Thumper High recharge delay, high Roid damage, and nova bursts from melee strikes while depleted.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em 1340 Shield Shield talks when it is depleted, fully recharged, etc.
Situation normal... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Drops IED Boosters while depleted that either explode when an enemy is nearby or can be picked up to recharge shield of player(s).
Strength through adversity. Evolution strength thru, added difficulty thru the game.
The second is better Aequitas +10% to fight for your life duration for each Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party.
Vlad would be so proud. Impaler Returns Damage to Melee and Ranged bullet attacks.
What a fabulous window treatment Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield Melee attacks deal explosive damage, but you take extra damage from elemental attacks. (DLC1)
What do you mean... theoretically? Deadly Bloom Releases a nova when shield OR health is depleted.
Wow, I CAN do this all day. The Sham Has an extremely high chance to absorb bullets (90-95%)
You are the center of the universe. Black Hole Pulls nearby enemies towards you then releases a shock nova when shields are depleted; similar to the effect of singularity grenades.
There's more than your eye can see. The Transformer Large chance to absorb enemy bullets and immunity to electricity. Shock Damage received recharges shield HP.
Blarney, I say! 'Tis blarney! Pot O' Gold Booster shield, chance to drop money when damaged.
For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself. Neogenator Has health regen and very high +max HP. The lower your shields are, the higher the health regen. Stops regeneration when shields are empty.
Win by a hare. Tortoise Very high capacity, lowers health and movement speed when active, raises movement speed when depleted.

Pistols[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
Abt Natural Gub Massive Magazine, high chance of elemental effect.
De Da. Law 100% extra melee damage, 100% accuracy while aimed down sight, no Recoil.
Did I fire six shots, or only five? Three? Seven. Whatever. Harold Bullets split horizontally the farther they travel, spread changes from 3->5->7 bullets (not sure about even farther). Travels like tiny rockets. Explosive Dmg.
Dodge this. Dahlminator Bullets have slight homing, can ricochet, and stick to enemies, exploding after a few moments. Usually deals corrosive damage.
Fear the swarm! Hornet 5-round burst fire with high Corrosive Elemental Effect.
Give it a burl. Gunerang Weapons is thrown when reloaded and acts like a boomerang attacking enemies before returning to player.
Good for starting fires. Flynt's Tinderbox High chance to cause fire effect and bullets will travel in an arc.
Gun, Gunner! Logan's Gun On impact, projectiles explode twice, the second time occuring about 2 seconds after the first.
Hail. Devastator Rounds fire from the weapons at normal velocity before increasing drastically like a Longbow Grenade. (DLC1)
Havin' a tea Partay drinkin' mah Teeea!. Teapot Corrosive damage can spread to other enemies.
I am free now Judge Shoots two rounds at once, does additional Critical Hit damage (Can be found as Revolver or Repeater).
I can have such a thing? Thunderball Fists On hit produces ball of elemental energy which explodes and occasionally rises and falls, then explodes again. Warning: causes self harm.
It's closer than you think (no it isn't). Infinity Does not consume ammo or require reloading. While firing, you can see the bullet spread forms the infinity symbol (∞).
Love is a Lady Finger, True Love is a Lady Fist Lady Fist Very high critical hit multiplier, reference to the Lady Finger from BL1.
Monty's wife don't take no guff. Maggie 6 Bullet Spread, from single shot.
Shock and awwwww! So cute! Little Evie Increased cooldown rate for kills during action skill cooldown. (DLC1)
Shoulda stopped at one. Veritas +10% to fight for your life duration for each Aequitas or Veritas equipped in the party.
Thief. Greed No movement speed lost while aiming, one of 3 Jakobs guns with an Elemental part. (DLC1)
Thinking outside the box. Gwen's Head Deals about 4% more damage than listed. 7,7,5 shot burst.
Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried. Miss Moxxi's Rubi Heals 12% of damage caused on enemies.
Would I lie to you? Fibber Lists fake damage and ammo capacity. Shots fired will create another 8 rounds in a circular shape around the original upon ricochet, releases 12 bullets in a shotgun spread when fired, only costing one bullet or firing bullets much like Flynt's tinderbox
Did you ever have the feeling... Pocket Rocket Has approximately twice the damage/mag capacity of equivalent Torgue revolvers, bullets fly faster, and splash damage is increased. (DLC2)

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
A Pirate's Life for me! Jolly Roger Projectiles form shape of skull and bones. (DLC1)
Also try Minecraft! Blockhead Bullets fire in a 3x3 grid pattern, and ricochet.
Because one barrel ain't enough, and two is too few Thre Dog Always triple barrels.
Don't retreat. Instead, reload! RokSalt Reloads extremely quickly
Ewww Retcher Causes the shotgun to act as an E-tech shotgun. (DLC1)
Fandir? Thirteen. Striker High Accuracy, very low spread. +70% crit damage.
Flak the World Flakker Rounds shoot out in all directions and explode.
Flee the Wave, Dude! Tidal Wave Bullets fired in waving motion, slowly rising up. Reference to a weapon from Borderlands 1.
Get off my Lawn! Landscaper Fires four projectiles in a trapezoid pattern that attach to a surface and explode after a short duration.
Good things kill in threes Triquetra Shoots in "triquetra" pattern.
His teeth made them flee in shame... Teeth of Terramorphous Rounds open out in two horizontal lines and close in on enemies, resembling teeth biting down.
I don't want to set the world on fire... Miss Moxxi's Heartbreaker Fires incendiary rounds in a heart-shaped pattern. Heals for 2% of damage caused.
I like being a gun. Inspiring Shotgun 1340 Talks when reloading, scoring a critical hit kill, swapping weapons, aiming down sights, and shooting.
Kiki got a shotgun. Deliverance When reloaded, homes in on enemies while firing automatically.
Let's just ping everyone all at once Conference Call Each pellet fired continuously fires additional pellets to either side.
Makes Orphans Often. Orphan Maker Has a massive damage bonus, but a low pellet count and causes damage to the user when fired. (DLC1)
Octo means 9 Octo Bullets fire in an oscillating 3x3 grid pattern with one bullet missing from the center.
The Legend Lives Sledge's Shotgun Burst fire, always double barrels.
Take your time, Sugar... Slow Hand E-Tech, projectiles fly straight instead of arcing. (DLC2)
What a BOOMING smile you have. Moonface Projectiles fire in an oscillating smiley face wave pattern and have a small explosive splash on impact.

Assault Rifles[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
Evil will be SMASHED!!! WITH SMASHING!!! EVIL!!! SMASH!!! ER!!! Evil Smasher Random chance to make a charging sound on reload. This gives the gun anywhere from 17 to 153 more rounds in the magazine, increased accuracy, damage, fire rate and recoil reduction.
Gar! Gorarr! My dad's a scientist! GWARRRR!!!! Hammer Buster Semi-auto. Unusually high bullet damage compared to similar rifles, even for a Jakobs weapon.
Holy? Holey? Holey! Seraphim Slower projectile velocity, always Incendiary. (DLC1)
I want that rifle, Daddy! Veruc 3 Shots are fired in a straight horizontal line. Dropped by Mobley in The Dust. Mobley spawns during and after the mission "The Good, The Bad, and The Mordecai," A reference to The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
It's a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!! Madhous! Shots arc in various directions, home slightly on targets, and ricochet off surfaces.
Oh, sorry, was that your head? Stomper Higher critical damage, other effect?
Say not in grief: "He is no more," but live in thankfulness that he was. Scorpio Chance to burst fire two shots. Burst fires while zoomed. Burst fire effect seems to have a high chance of occurring when burst firing in zoom mode.
Speed kills. Shredifier Initially has a very high rate of fire, reaches top spin-speed in half the time.
Torgue got more BOOM! KerBlaster Extremely powerful gyro rifle. Explosions are larger than other gyro rifles. A grenade will spawn from the rocket upon impact and detonate a few seconds after the flying rocket has done it's damage.
We're Pirates. We don't follow the rules. Stinkpot Bullets fired bounce off of one non-organic surface before exploding on second contact. One of 3 elemental Jakobs guns. (DLC1)
What play thing can you offer me today? Hail Bullets fire in an arc similar to a mortar. If they travel far enough each round will fork a child round. Reference to a Ming the Merciless line in the opening of the 1980 film "Flash Gordon".
As I end the refrain, thrust home. Rapier +200% melee damage. "Curse of the Porcelain Fist!": increased damage from melee attacks. (DLC1)
We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. Kitten Bullets fire in a happy face formation after a couple of shots. reference to "Alice in Wonderland's" Cheshire Cat. (DLC2)
Boom! Boom! Boom! BOOM! BOOOM!!!! GOOD DOGGY!!! Tiny Tina's Boom Puppy Fires projectiles that will bounce around for a certain amount of time before exploding a last time. (DLC2)
Get to it. CHOPPER HUGE clip size. A returning gun from BL1, shoots whole clip once you hit the trigger. [DLC3]

Sniper Rifles[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
a Rose by any other name... Morningstar Complains and says demoralizing phrases on reloading, killing an enemy, or scoring a critical hit.
Bison Bison had had had had had Bison Bison Bison shi shi shi. Buffalo No scope, higher average damage and massive critical damage bonus.
Ceci n'est pas une Sniper Rifle Longbow Projectile leaves pixelated trail. Red text is a reference to Minecraft's Bow due to the pixelated arrow trail in Minecraft. Translating to "This is not a Sniper Rifle"
I can see my house from here Fremington's Edge Long range scope, Hyperion steadying effect without having to fire first.
I infrequently perish Trespasser Ignores shields, lower average damage.
Je suis enchante, Ou est le bibliotheque? Chère-amie Very small transfusion effect. Translates to "I am delighted, where is the library?"
Mainstream'd! Pitchfork Shots fire out in a horizontal line of 5 rounds but only consumes 1 ammo per shot.
Makes your brain hurt Skullmasher 5 pellets per shot, but wider spread than average sniper rifle.
Man Killer White Death (Lyuda PC Version Full auto, low recoil - Each shot fires 3 rounds in a horizontal line, still only uses 1 ammo per shot. Bonus Crit damage.
Our voice will not be silenced. Patriot Slower projectiles, additional effect? (DLC1)
Pele humbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble. Volcano 100% chance to ignite, creates a small burst that spreads fire to nearby targets on impact.
Sink me! Pimpernel When bullets hit an enemy or any surface, they turn into 5 electric orbs that fire out in all directions, symmetrically, dealing damage to anything they hit. (DLC1)
The Executioner has arrived. Invader 5 shot burst fire while zoomed.
Tut, Tut, it looks like rain. Storm Decreased projectile damage, increased elemental effect damage, accuracy and capacity.
Yeah, booze'll do that to ya... Sloth Slow projectile speed, high fire rate.
Found out about this I was like DAAAMN, I'm bringing that gun BACK! Cobra Rounds fired from this Sniper Rifle, will be 100% chance of firing an explosive round. Also referencing that this gun is making a return from the first Borderlands. One of 3 elemental Jakobs guns. (DLC2)

SMGs[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
...But when I'm bad, I'm better. Miss Moxxi's Good Touch Controller vibrates while weapon is equipped in certain ways. A medium vibration when hip firing and a strong vibration when aiming down the sights. Weak to no vibration while reloading. Heals for 2% of any damage caused (even from grenades while you wield it).
When I'm good, I'm very good... Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch Heals for 2% of damage caused.
yup. back. Bitch Extremely high (~100%) recoil reduction - firing increases accuracy very quickly compared to most Hyperion SMGs, +75% critical damage.
blagaga Slagga Always slag. Shoots 3 shots at once (consumes only 1 from ammo). Has high magazine size. Dropped from Jimbo/Tector Hodunk during quest Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks.
I have a Soldier, a Siren, two Scooters and a Claptrap. Commerce Always shock.
If thou'st would'st snitch'st, acquire thine stich! Tattler 2 projectiles for 1 unit of ammo, slower bullet velocity, large spread. (DLC1)
In. Not unlike Errol. Sand Hawk Fires multiple rounds which leave the weapon shaped like a bird and wave until they reach the target. (DLC1)
in Spain, stays mainly on the bane. Bane Decreases movement speed to a crawl. Makes various annoying, high-pitched sounds while firing, reloading or switching to this weapon.
Riastrad! Chulainn Causes both Slag and Shock damage. Just holding the gun slags you but deals no damage to you.
The gun of the Bulls Lascaux Bullets are fired from the user's head in two clusters from either side. Burst fire enhanced to 6 round bursts instead of 3 (due to x2 bullet property), 100% Recoil Reduction. Hipfire spread forms the shape of a stick-figure bull.
The Lead Wind Blows! Bone Shredder Fires two shots at once, high magazine size.
We don't need no fire... Hellfire Very high incendiary chance and damage, burn damage stacks per shot.
We need to talk about your DPS report. Actualizer Always +200% accuracy, bonus damage. (DLC1)
Who's a widdle gunny wunny!! Baby Maker Causes a weapon grenade MIRV after the first gun explodes. Subsequently, the weapon grenade damage is based on the amount of ammo still in the magazine. How many bullets still in the mag during reload will become the bullet multiplier. WeaponDMG x AmmoLeft = Grenade explosion damage. Increasing mag size by relics and mods will increase weapon grenade damage. Since this weapon is very powerful, you sacrifice the ammo in the mag, this means SMG ammo can burn out fast. Has a chance to spawn two child guns at once
you know... for him. Emperor 6 Shot Burst.

Rocket Launchers[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
For hate's sake. Ahab Shoots explosive harpoons. (DLC1)
full of bees Hive Launches an orb which throws out smaller, homing projectiles before exploding.
Hippity Hoppity Bunny When reloaded, the weapon is thrown like a grenade, but it bounces around randomly leaving smaller grenades as it goes before it explodes.
Multi-kill Badaboom Six rockets launched all at once for the cost of one rocket. Rockets do not spread beyond their initial difference.
Name dropper. Nukem Nuclear rocket lobs instead of going straight, and causes a larger explosion.
Nec Pluribus Impar, Bitches. 12 Pounder Rockets bounce, leaving behind a secondary explosive. (DLC1)
non-dairy Miss Moxxi's Creamer Rocket splits into two, each flying at a random horizontal angle.
The Horde Will Always Return! Mongol Launched Rocket spawns many smaller rockets continuously until it hits the target.
Toasty! Roaster three rockets released but at the cost of only one rocket ammo and rockets spin, creating a circular pattern
It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case. Pyrophobia Rockets continuously explode midflight, similarly to the Rhino from Borderlands.
Blows up everything!!! Norfleet An E-Tech Rocket Launcher that hurls three balls of energy similar to that seen from PRAZMA CANNONS. Each ball travels in a rather slow and hectic motion, with each ball dealing a tremendous amount of damage, while covering a large area of effect.
THIS GUN SHOULD NEVER DROP ERROR MESSAGE Unobtainable through gameplay. Functionally identical to Ahab, but has a unique skin. (DLC1)

Grenades[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
2x more awesome, bonus extreme! Bonus Package Dropped by Boom and Bewm. Spawns X child grenades, which in turn spawn more child grenades.
E~MC^(OMG/WTF) Quasar Has the properties of a singularity and tesla grenade. It pulls the enemies towards it, as a singularity grenade, then deals constant electric damage, as a tesla grenade.
Forget the curveball Ricky, give him the heater. Fastball Thrown like a baseball at high speed. Will ricochet off hard surfaces. Explodes on impact with enemy but has a small detonation radius. Best used on single target rather than crowds.
Hangin' around with you is no picnic Captain Blade's Midnight Star When child grenades spawn they bounce back in the direction the parent grenade was thrown from. (DLC1)
It takes two to get one in trouble Kiss of Death Acts as a Homing Transfusion Grenade, but does not explode or release child grenades until it attaches to a target. Child grenades explode immediately when released. Deals constant damage while attached until explosion.
Make it rain! Fuster Cluck Separates into child grenades immediately after being thrown instead of on detonation.
Sometimes lightning does strike twice. Storm Front Acts as a mirv tesla grenade, with the primary explosion as a normal tesla launching smaller grenades that become small teslas on impact.
Spread the sickness. Pandemic The grenade upon impact of an opponent spawns a number of child homing grenades that explode on impact, leaving a corrosive cloud in that region.
Supplies! Nasty Surprise Teleporting Mirv Grenade. So long as the primary thrown grenade is near an enemy, it spawns several heads that drop from the air above other enemies in the radius, even if they are behind corners and such.
The thunder shall bring forth the pain! Rolling Thunder Bouncing mirv grenade that explodes explodes many times when bouncing before unleashing its payload.
WARNING: Not intended for indoor use. Contraband Sky Rocket Obtained with the Ultimate Loot Chest package for Borderlands 2. Grenade flies skyward and explodes similar to fireworks. Damage is based on player's level. Best used indoors, unlike the red text's warning, as the grenades explosions rain downward upon contact with a surface after ascending.
Your sister is such a bitch. Bouncing Bonny Bouncing Betty grenade that will shoot out grenades while bouncing before exploding.
Bees are coming! Fire Bee Always incendiary. Spits fire in a circular motion. Additionally shoots small missiles of fire in a circular motion similar to the Hive rocket launcher.
...His breath was of fire... Breath of Terramorphous Always incendiary. Area of effect grenade; spawns child grenades that shoot geysers of flame into the air, burning anything within the blast radius.
A skilful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war. Leech Decreased damage and blast radius. All damage done by the grenade instantly restores allies' health.

Relics[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
...His blood could inspire... Blood of Terramorphous Regenerates 0.5% of total health every second.
Every man for himself. Captain Blade's Otto Idol Restores your health with every kill, but reduces your Fight For Your Life time limit. (DLC1)
Take turns and play nice. Sheriff's Badge Increases Fight for Your Life Time and Max Health by 15% for every player equipped with a Sheriff's Badge.
Their power courses through you... Blood of the Seraphs +max HP and HP regen bonuses change every time the relic is equipped. Usually regenerates 0.3% of total health and adds about 25% health increase. (DLC1)
Who the hell shot me? Deputy's Badge Increases Fight for Your Life Time by 10% for each player equipped with a Deputy's Badge.
Their return is to be feared... Breath of the Seraphs Grants bonus damage and health regeneration for a short time after killing an enemy to gain second wind. [DLC3]

Class Mods[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
"I never die." Legendary Hunter Class Mod Using Deception instantly restores 10% of your health.
"it's like Christmas." Legendary Soldier Class Mod Increased fire rate, gun damage and cooldown rate.
"Never look at my fist." Legendary Berserker Class Mod Increases your Movement Speed by 20% while Gunzerking.
"(Giggles) I'm really good at this." Legendary Siren Class Mod Increases your Movement Speed by 45% while using Phaselock.
Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod Increases cooldown by up to 35%

Currency[edit | edit source]

Red Text Item/Weap Description
Worth killing for! Seraph Crystal No Effect.
Use Tokens at the Torgue Machine. Torgue Token No effect.