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Borderlands 2:Maliwan

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Maliwan logo.png

Form meets function. The Maliwan corporation believes that combat is an art, and elemental weaponry is the paint. If you need to burn, fry, or melt your enemies, Maliwan will be your weapon du jour. Though their initial damage may not be spectacular, Maliwan delivers damage over time like no other manufacturer on Pandora. Not to mention incredibly sleek, sophisticated Maliwan aesthetic — when your enemies see a Maliwan weapon in your hand, two thoughts will pass through their mind: firstly, “Damn, that’s a sleek-ass gun,” followed by, “Oh god, why am I on fire?”.

Maliwan specializes in elemental effects and tech.


A Maliwan pistol is probably the first place you’ll see any kind of elemental effect. Their pistols use a lot of ammo to do it, expending more than one round per discharge in order to drive their elemental bullets. With relatively small magazine sizes, these pistols are useful to empty into an approaching enemy to ensure they’re Flaming, Corroded, Shocked, or Slagged before you swap to another weapon with a deeper magazine to finish the job, with the benefit of the Maliwan pistol-induced ailment eating at the foe. You can swap back to the Maliwan and reload when they’re dead!

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Expeditious Thunderball Fists 507 94.5 3.0 1.6 17 Shock.png Legendary $71,715
Miss Moxxi's Rubi 378 93.3 2.5 1.6 12 Shock.png Rare $8,722
Punctilious Umbrage 222 93.1 3.2 2.1 9 Shock.png Rare $5,620
Evisceration Aegis 153 94.3 2.5 2.1 7 Slag.png Uncommon $2,257
Potent Dart 497 93.3 1.4 2.1 8 Corrosive.png Very Rare $9,412

Rocket Launchers

Maliwan rocket launchers always have an elemental effect attached to them. You’re sacrificing some of the explosive rocket damage for a shot at bonus elemental damage and an elemental effect. If the enemy is weak to the elemental type you’re packing, it’s a nice trade. Maliwan rocket explosions expand in a ring, which helps splash the element around the point of impact.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Norfleet 5643x3 89.2 0.9 3.2 3 Shock.png Legendary $235,122
Parataxis Panorama 6440 87.6 1.0 5.0 5 Shock.png Very Rare $32,183
Proximate Prowler 1651 80.0 1.4 7.7 4 Fire.png Uncommon $4,376
Paraquat Hive 6087 84.0 0.6 8.1 6 Corrosive.png Rare $28,597
Pertinent Pyrophobia 972 88.4 1.1 6.7 4 Fire.png Legendary $3,785


Maliwan SMGs always feature elemental traits. Their disc-loading line of elemental SMGs is one of the game’s best for versatility, as this line gives good odds for applying effects while dealing solid damage.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Storming SubMalevolent Grace 59 91.3 8.0 2.9 20 Shock.png Common $2,086
Apt Trance 81 89.0 8.0 2.1 28 Slag.png Uncommon $4,021
Feculent Chulainn 189 76.0 9.7 2.1 42 Slag.png Rare $12,390
Consumate Gospel 146 93.8 8.0 2.7 23 Corrosive.png Very Rare $9,244
Guileless Provacateur 219 94.6 8.0 2.5 32 Fire.png Very Rare $15,530
Lucid Plasma Caster 259 93.3 8.0 3.2 43 Fire.png E-Tech $8,531
Consummate Hellfire 240 93.1 8.0 2.5 37 Fire.png Legendary $107,955

Sniper Rifles

Maliwan sniper rifles trade off some kinetic power for elemental impact. Individual shots won’t have the incredible kick of a Hyperion or Jakobs critical, but you might make up for it through bonus burn or corrode damage against the right enemy family. A Maliwan sniper rifle outfitted with Slag rounds also makes an excellent tool for softening up sturdy foes from far away—a magazine of Maliwan sniper shots into that distant Bullymong (or whoever) does three things: it alerts the monster to your presence, making it start to approach; it softens the monster up a bit; and finally, it Slags the monster, so whatever non-Slag weapon you select to finish the job deals double damage.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Scarlet Jericho 200 94.7 1.4 4.0 4 Fire.png Common $1,978
Gentleman's Snider 544 96.9 1.4 3.1 10 Corrosive.png Rare $10,534
Monstrous Corinthian 407 95.4 1.2 3.5 12 Shock.png Uncommon $5,912
Scarlet Chére-amie 378 93.3 2.5 1.6 12 Shock.png Rare $8,722
Storm varies varies varies varies varies Shock.png Pearlescent $1,310,159