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The Lawbringer is one of the playable classes in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel; Nisha plays the Lawbringer controlled by the player.

Lawbringer: Nisha
Trees Law & Order • Fan the Hammer • Riflewoman
Abilities Showdown
Skills Law & Order

Law • Order • The Third Degree • Rough Rider • Wanted • Discipline • Due Process • Blood of the Guilty • Jurisdiction • No Pain, No Gain • Rarin' To Go • Thunder Crackdown

Fan the Hammer

Saddle Up • Ruthless • Magnificent Six • Bottled Courage • Short Fused • Faster 'n You • Pickpocket • Gunslinger • Hell's Comin' With Me! • High Noon • One for Each of Ya


Snap Shot • Bona Fide Grit • Quick Shot • Unchained • Fistful of Bullets • Crack Shot • Impatience • Hot Lead • Trick Shot • Tombstone • The Unforgiven