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Borderlands 2:Hyperion

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Hyperion logo.png

They may be the bad guys, but hell if they don’t make some damned accurate weaponry. Equipped with cutting-edge stabilizer technology, Hyperion weapons get more accurate the longer you fire them. Hyperion CEO Handsome Jack referred to the technology as “pretty badass” and “an idea so good, I’m glad I killed the guy who actually came up with it and took credit for myself.” While Crimson Raiders are generally discouraged from using technology created by their archenemies, there is a certain warped satisfaction from taking out your oppressors with their own tools of destruction.



Hyperion pistols function like other Hyperion weapons—they’re hard to control initially, with bad weapon sway and fire recoil, but after a few shots of sustained firing, their stabilizers kick in and the weapon will grow unerring in its aim for the remainder of the current magazine… just keep firing. If there’s a problem here, it’s simply that this philosophy works best with bigger magazines, a problem that Hyperion’s SMG line solves handily.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Inspiring Lady Fist 203 98.0 5.0 1.5 25 -- Rare $8,572
Earnest Apparatus 184 67.7 5.0 2.0 16 -- Rare $4,922
Maximized Vision 158 98.7 5.0 1.7 26 Slag.png Rare $4,181
Win-Win Impact 242 96.8 4.6 2.6 14 -- Uncommon $2,279


Hyperion shotguns boast strong accuracy, meaning you’re likely to find tighter spreads. With careful aim, these shotguns can be effective at longer ranges. They’re not too shabby at close range, either, where the exaggerated sway of a resting Hyperion gun in hand won’t have any real effect on your accuracy.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Refactored Projectile Diversification 52 x 6 60.0 3.6 2.9 6 -- Common $1,357
Social Shotgun 1340 124 x 6 77.8 4.0 2.7 10 -- Rare $8,713
Practical Conference Call 246 x 7 70.4 4.3 2.7 10 Slag.png Legendary $86,430
Critical Crowdsourcing 136 x 14 46.0 2.9 2.9 9 -- Rare $7,288
Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker 162 x 10 71.4 3.6 2.7 9 Fire.png Rare $9,090
Scalable Thinking 161 x 6 80.0 3.6 3.1 12 Shock.png Very Rare $9,846
Butcher varies varies varies varies varies varies Pearlescent varies

Sniper Rifles

Hyperion builds their sniper rifles from high-quality, high-precision parts, and the only caveat is that the Hyperion-wielding sniper must be able to control the sway for the first few shots until the sniper rifle stabilizes itself. This makes Hyperion sniper rifles well-suited to a sniping approach in which you plan to keep sniping rapidly once you’ve started. They are much less effective, however, if you plan to pop out, snipe, hide, pop out, snipe, hide, and so on. You’ll need to keep up sustained fire to allow these sniper rifles to show their true, amazing colors.

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Longitudinal Sniper Rifle 215 95.6 1.0 4.0 5 Shock.png Uncommon $3,567
Practical Policy 393 95.9 0.8 4.2 5 -- Common $2,291
Facilitating Sniper Rifle 224 95.2 1.1 4.0 5 -- Common $1,932
Venture Morningstar 968 96.8 1.0 3.1 5 -- Rare FREE!
Venture Morningstar 907 96.3 1.3 3.1 14 -- Very Rare $18,467
Cohesion Hybridfication 8254 95.2 2.0 4.0 6 Shock.png Very Rare $14,925


Hyperion SMGs may be the sweet spot in the Hyperion line, for certain things. Like any Hyperion weapon, their SMGs increase in accuracy as you continue to fire them without stopping. Of all their weapons, SMGs have the biggest magazines to take full advantage of this. Although the first half dozen shots of a magazine might fly all over the place, after that, you’ll have eagle-eyed accuracy for the entire rest of the mag. And it doesn’t matter if you’re moving, circle strafing, or even jumping while you keep a bead on your target. With a fully stabilized Hyperion SMG, you can forgo aiming down your sights, which keeps you fully mobile. This also makes Hyperion SMGs excellent for Salvador during Gunzerking, or for any character during Fight For Your Life—neither of these situations allows you to aim down sights to increase accuracy, but with a good Hyperion SMG, you don’t need to!

Name Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Reload Mag Size Element Rarity Cost
Proactive Backburner 83 94.7 9.7 2.7 27 Fire.png Uncommon $4,036
Social Weisenheimer 210 95.8 8.7 1.7 39 Corrosive.png Very Rare $17,696
Analytical Transmurdera 100 96.3 8.7 2.3 22 -- Uncommon $3,621
Rightsizing Bitch 303 97.0 8.7 2.1 48 -- Legendary $106,210

Hyperion forces


Badass Constructor.png
main article: Constructors

The baddest general units in the robotic workforce of the Hyperion Corporation, Constructor Bots, or simply Constructors, can form a beachhead all by themselves. They’re heavily armored, have only a tiny weak point, and are mostly immune to several types of damage. A Constructor can land near or right on top of a contested position, then use on-board defenses to whittle away at enemies while the Constructor digistructs Loaders to bolster the forward position.


main article: Engineers
Engineer 1.png

Hyperion’s workforce under Handsome Jack’s management are all expected to be combat engineers, able to drop the civic tasks of planning whole blocks and erecting buildings to fight whatever thresher, marauder, or Vault Hunter might be at hand to meddle with the vision of Hyperion.

There are many ranks within Hyperion’s personal peacekeeping force, and different specializations possible for the modern Hyperion soldier. On the battlefield, Hyperion Engineers coordinate their attacks with Hyperion Constructors, Loaders, and Surveyors, too. Like some of the bandit clans, Hyperion soldiers will also take cover and try to use the environment to their advantage.


main article: Loaders
HOT Loader.png

The meat and potatoes of the Hyperion army, and the brunt of the actual horsepower behind the labor that goes into a marvel such as Opportunity or the Hyperion space station. Robotics was going out, becoming passé, thought more trouble than it was worth, based on the difficulties and just general fastidious nature of the CL4P-TP robot series. But when Handsome Jack purchased Hyperion, one of the things he refocused the corporation on was its robotics line, discontinuing CL4P-TP models and taking the whole program in a new direction.

Jack’s decision led to the modular robotics exhibited here, where many models are produced using relatively similar shells and parts, but to different purposes entirely. Well, not different purposes entirely, as just about every robotic loader has guns on it, but certainly different means to an end.

Loaders all have a red, eye-like sensor somewhere. This is what they see out of, and it’s always a critical-vulnerable area. Depending on the model of loader, the actual joints where the body meets the limbs might also be critical-vulnerable spots, and criticals in these locations may blast bits of the loader off entirely, perhaps severely disabling them; many loaders can be literally blown to pieces if you know exactly where to fire.


main article: Surveyors
Badass Repair Surveyor.png

Surveyors are a class of support probes operated by Hyperion. Their primary purpose is to provide an efficient, mobile solution to maintaining Loaders in the field… Repair Surveyors can digitally mend many types of damage Loaders and can sustain even dire injuries like the loss of limbs. And Shield Surveyors can replenish depleted shields, along with filling the shields of enemies who have shield modules, but almost never show up with them charged up.

You can tell when a surveyor is attending to a Hyperion unit in need—the surveyor hovers over them and you’ll be able to see the faint energy tether through which surveyors repair and replenish. At least surveyors are easy marks to be shot down while they hover, repairing something.

When surveyors lack repair candidates, or if you harass them repeatedly with gunfire, they will swoop in great arcs, not too unlike rakks. Only, instead of divebombing with their bodies like rakks, they rocket in your direction and fire a Shocking bolt that destroys shields, then break off and go back to swooping.

It should be noted that if they're under the effects of a Siren's Thoughtlock skill, Surveyors will have no problem using their technology for your good. Repair Surveyors will restore health, and Shield Surveyors fix up your shields.