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Borderlands 2:Goliath

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The goliaths already had it bad before the first Vault opened. They’re big behemoths, like bruisers but worse, so inflated in form and hotwired on adrenaline that their minds are permanently addled. Then the Eridium got everywhere, even traces in the air, and now a goliath can’t spend a moment of the day without a special restraining helmet on. The presence of Eridium enhances the adrenal effect of a goliath’s extraordinarily athletic system to the literal breaking point, causing the goliath’s skull to rip off of the body—it will remain attached only by the particularly sturdy tongue and some gristly tissue. If this happens, the goliath irretrievably loses all self-control while Eridian and adrenaline run rampant in a positive feedback loop, and it will consider everything unfriendly and run anything down, head lolling. Right, that’s awful. Hence, the helmets.

With helmets on, Goliaths are essentially extra-large bandits—they use weapons, even launchers (very dangerous), but nothing astonishing. But that Goliath is probably firing from among the cover of lots of his friends. Take aim and intentionally shoot off the restraining helmet and watch the hideous transformation of Goliath into Raging Goliath… then watch him kick the everlasting garbage out of all his former friends!

When a Goliath kills another of your enemies, that XP isn’t lost—the XP for that kill will be folded into the Goliath’s own. In fact, Goliaths have their own leveling system, and you’ll see it in action soon after you set your first Goliath to Raging—a Raging Goliath given baddies to kill soon becomes a Badass Goliath, then a Super Badass Goliath, and can level up further. (Killing a GOD-liath, the final level, unlocks an Achievement or a Trophy, depending on your system.) Each stage is attended by a level-up flash, and a full restoration of the goliath’s health.

If a Goliath has leveled up but is about to die, with other enemies still around fighting it, try to take it out yourself to reap the XP. If a Goliath rips through all his friends and is still ready for more (he will be; it’s not like monsters get tired), then he’ll come after you—and you won’t have any say! Take out the leveled-up Goliath to gain huge XP, earning dividends for all the baddies the Goliath smashed along the way! The Goliath's EXP value is its own plus triple that of every opponent he brutalized in his uncontrollable rage.

List of Goliaths

Name Health Multiplier Shield Level Damage Multiplier XP Value Crit Areas Weak/Res
Goliath 6 -- 3 Normal+ Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Caustic Goliath 7 -- 3 Tough Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Midget Goliath 4 -- 2 Tough Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Goliath Digger 8 -- 3 Tough Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Heavy Goliath 12 -- 4 Tough Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Juggernaut 10 -- 3 Tough+ Head Fire.png/--
Goliath Blaster 9 -- 3 Normal+ Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Loot Goon Goliath 14 -- 4 Super Badass Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
One-Armed Bandit 10 -- 4 Super Badass Head Fire.png/--
Badass Goliath 12 -- 4 Badass Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Badass Midget 8 -- 2 Badass Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Loot Midget Goliath 12 -- 4 Tough+ Head (if helmet removed) Fire.png/--
Smash Head 24 -- 6 Super Badass Head Fire.png/--
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