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Phaselock is the Siren's active skill in Borderlands 2. With it, the Siren can trap enemies in a 'bubble' of distorted space, locking them in place and rendering them unable to fight back, while the Siren and her allies can attack them at their leisure.[1]

Functionally, the Phaselock is instantaneous; the player simply points his or her crosshairs at the target, and presses the skill key, instantly triggering the effect. It had originally been a homing projectile with travel time, but that idea was scrapped because it took away some of the player's ability to select one target over another. The homing feature might inadvertently lock onto, say, a Skag Pup, instead of the Skag Badmutha that the player wanted.

Phaselock improves as levels are invested in certain skills, allowing Maya to perform massive crowd control (one ability sends out secondary phaselocks, pinning other enemies) or marking heavy-duty targets for concentrated fire (like the Wreck skill, which adds bonus damage dealt to enemies caught in a Phaselock)

Siren: Maya
Trees Motion • Harmony • Cataclysm
Abilities Phaselock
Skills Motion

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