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This page is about the Commando character class. For the in-universe character, see Axton.
The Commando and his deployable turret

The Commando is one of the four player classes appearing in Borderlands 2. The Commando functions in more or less a similar capacity as the Soldier (Roland) did in the original Borderlands; functionally a support class, supplementing and assisting the party, while boosting the offensive power of himself and his allies.[1] The Commando's defining feature though is the ability to deploy a heavy-duty automatic turret gun, much more advanced than that of the turrets employed by Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance Engineers; in Axton's case, a Dahl 900XI2MC6 Assault Turret.

The turret can be customized with several upgrades and features, including a teleporting module similar to that of a Longbow grenade mod. With it, Axton can deploy the turret at a significant distance instead of dropping it as his feet, pulling enemy 'aggro' or ambushing foes before mopping up survivors. Additionally, upgrades and modifications will alter the appearance of the turret itself.


NOTE: Names may be subject to change.
  • Guerrilla - close-range combat and Turret aggro abilities.
  • Survival - Defensive abilities and utility powers.
  • Gunpowder - Medium-range combat and Sniper-based abilities.
Commando: Axton
Trees Guerilla • Gunpowder • Survival
Abilities Sabre Turret
Skills Guerilla

Sentry • Ready • Laser Sight • Willing • Onslaught • Scorched Earth • Able • Grenadier • Crisis Management • Double Up


Impact • Expertise • Overload • Metal Storm • Steady • Longbow Turret • Battlefront • Duty Calls • Do or Die • Ranger • Nuke


Healthy • Preparation • Last Ditch Effort • Pressure • Forbearance • Phalanx Shield • Quick Charge • Resourceful • Mag-Lock • Grit • Gemini

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