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This page is about the Assassin character class. For the in-universe character, see Zer0.

The Assassin is one of four playable classes in Borderlands 2; Zer0 plays the Assassin controlled by the player. Assassins are effectively based off of Hollywood representations of the ninja: not built for a lot of direct combat, but designed to carefully and efficiently eliminate specific targets on the battlefield, one by one.[1]

The Assassin's action skill is called Deception; with it, he deploys a holographic decoy of himself and activates a cloaking device in the same instant. While the decoy draws the enemy's attention, the Assassin is free to move around the battlefield unnoticed. Also while cloaked, his heads-up display shows enemy weak-points (like the maw of a Skag) highlighted in blue. Unlike the Phasewalk ability from Borderlands 1, the Assassin is still vulnerable; stray shots and splash damage can still hurt him, even if enemies can't see him.

The Assassin's melee attack uses an energy-based sword that he wears on his hip; the hilt of the sword exists at all times, but the blade is 'digistructed' by his Storage Deck each time he draws it. While the weapon cannot be equipped, per se (it behaves like every other class's basic melee attack) it can be upgraded by investing in certain skills.

Skill Trees

  • Cunning - Offense tree; adds features to Deception and attacking from stealth-mode.
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Assassin: Zer0
Trees Sniping • Cunning • Bloodshed
Abilities Decepti0n
Skills Sniping

Headsh0t • 0ptics • Killer • Precisi0n • 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill • B0re • Vel0city • Kill C0nfirmed • At 0ne With The Gun • Critical Ascensi0n


Fast Hands • C0unter Strike • Fearless • Ambush • Rising Sh0t • Death Mark • Unf0rseen • Innervate • Tw0 Fang • Death Bl0ss0m


Killing Bl0w • Ir0n Hand • Grim • Be Like Water • F0ll0wthr0ugh • Execute • Backstab • Resurgence • Like the Wind • Many Must Fall

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