Miss Moxxi's Good Touch

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Miss Moxxi's Good Touch
File:Miss Moxxi's Good Touch.png
Manufacturer Maliwan
Type Submachine Gun
Rarity Very Rare
Fire Rate
Mag Size
Element Fire.png Fire
Stats at Level 27
Stats at Level 33

Miss Moxxi's Good Touch is a unique, epic, levelled incendiary SMG which is obtained by putting dollars into the tip jar in Moxxi's (The amount of dollars given doesn't count, you can have the weapon at the first 100$ given). This weapon will make the controller (On consoles and PCs when used) continuously emit a low vibration when equipped.

Weapon spawning varies when completing the tip task. It hold's spawn values tied to Maliwan SMG prefixes, to allow spawning of slight variations (For example, "Acuminous Good touch" which carries the Melee damage and a blade on the gun). The spawn rate of added ETech barrel to Good Touch is extremely low, but possible.

Miss Moxxi's Good Touch is a sister-weapon to Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch. Unlike Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch, you can re-obtain this weapon in True Vault Hunter mode.


  • The red text is a referrence to the poem "There Was a Little Girl" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • The weapon (and thus any controller with built-in vibrators) vibrates as long as it's equipped, and that is why Moxxi states "It's my favourite weapon. You know why as soon as you hold it." The vibrations come in three different "settings", low after equipping, medium when aiming thru the scope and strong after quitting the scope-view. Shooting without using the scope disables the vibrations until the scope is used again. (It's clear that the vibrations are not a bug, as they have different strenghts. And this being Moxxi's favourite weapon helps to see that too.)