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Family Bullymong
Type Badass
Health multiplier 8
Shield level --
Damage multiplier 3
XP value Super Badass
Crit areas Head
Weakness Fire.png Fire
Resistance --
Location(s) Southern Shelf - Bay
Mission: Symbiosis

Midgemong isn’t so much one enemy as it is two: Warmong, a bullymong that has been somewhat domesticated, and Midge, a rather brave Psycho Midget who has trained Warmong to allow an inconspicuous handler. You’ll be tasked to hunt down this twosome during Sir Hammerlock’s “Symbiosis” optional mission, which you can begin in Liar’s Burg not far into the game.

Warmong itself will charge and attack, while Midge (atop the beast) directs movement. They fight and fall as a team, and upon dying Midgemong has a small chance to drop the legendary Torgue assault rifle, KerBlaster.

Perhaps scarier than Midgemong are the dual Badasses that show up in the room from which Midgemong appears. Battle through Midgemong and the Badasses for a loot chest behind the counter inside.