Hyperious The Invincible

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Hyperious The Invincible is a raidboss exclusive to Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.

Hyperius was a regular Engineer who grew mad with power. After the Vault opened, dangerous alien creatures awoke from their slumber. Hyperius was altered by them, becoming one of the most powerful entities on Pandora. He is completely passive until threatened. He is a Seraph Guardian and will drop Seraph Crystals upon being killed.


After completing the quest X Marks The Spot, Shade will have a new quest for you in Oasis called Hyperius the Invincible. To access the fight you must go to Washburne Refinery. Proceed through the area as normal until you come across a cage door with a lever beside it. You must pay 8 pieces of Eridium to pull the lever. Doing so will open the room allowing the true fight to begin.


To begin the fight you must deal damage to Hyperious AFTER passing the gate.

Once the battle begins he will create two large explosions, the first will lower all of your shields, the second will lower your health. Once he has done this he will digistruct four Loaders which will shield him from attacks. During this stage you cannot damage him at all so if you notice a circular shield surrounding him then don't waste your ammo as you WILL need it. Hyperius' Minion's will fire missiles at you which can be shot out of the air, so if you find yourself trapped by them pull out a shotgun and blast away. Once you damage them enough Hyperious will begin to shield them. Once all of them are shielded, Hyperious will create another explosion and his shield will go down. At this stage he will be vulnerable to your attacks. after around 30 seconds he will create another explosion and his shield will be back. This pattern will repeat until all of his loaders are destroyed.

after all loaders are destroyed Hyperious will become much more active and much harder to kill, so it is worth noting that keeping just one loader alive can make a dramatic difference in how this battle ends. He will jump across the map to reach you and will use his explosions repeatedly until you are dead. All of his explosions are unavoidable and deal a large amount of damage.

Hyperius The Invincible can only be defeated once a day. If someone on your team has defeated him that day, you will not be able to fight him while that person is in your party.